Elliot Huffman


Things I do to have fun!

Digital Art

Creating digital art is fun! I use the digital art I create for a wide variety of uses, from decorating websites to making birthday cards.


This planet is beautiful! Photography allows me to share how I see the world with other people.

Martial Arts and Dance

Hyah! Martial arts and dancing helps me with my coordination. My balance has greatly increased and I can have some fun in public settings. I focus on Bo Staff.


Computadores, Ooooohhhhh Yyyyaaaaahhhhh....
As a person with terrible handwriting, I love the computer.

Computers are efficient, not intelligent.

That is where I come in. I specialize in system administration but I am not limited to sysadmin. Some other examples are hardware engineering, programming and forensics. The possibilities are endless.

I operate a small business (Elliot Labs) that was founded in ~2011-2012. Elliot Labs owns multiple computer laboratories, some of the uses for the labs range from education to field work.

  • Success Rate

    I can fix almost every aspect of computers. From viruses to hardware.

  • Love given to Open Source projects

    Open source projects are the majority of projects that make the world go around.

  • Average time spent dusting, in minutes

    Computers get dusty, its just what they do. I combat that natural phenomenon with my trusty vacuum cleaner.

  • Percentage of computers recycled

    I don't throw computers away, I remove the good parts and send the rest to be melted down and their materials reclaimed.

Quote Wall

Some of my favorite quotes